BlueStar II 


BlueStar II Quick Start Guide

Thank you for purchasing the BlueSTAR II. You will soon be using your existing cell phone to communicate hands free using your existing vehicle electronics.

Installation is easy. Simply follow the steps below, and feel free to contact us at should you have any difficulties.

Step 1: Locate the onstar module in your vehicle. It can be located beneath the rear seat, behind the glove box, or in the trunk depending on your vehicle. Refer to the CoStar Technologies Forum for vehicle specific information.

Step 2: Unplug the onstar module's white connectors, J1 and J2. In cases where the GMLAN signal is located on the black J4 connector, it is necessary to wire this signal into the white J1 connector so that the BLUESTAR module can communicate with the radio. Refer to External GMLAN Connection Application Note.

Step 3: Plug the white connectors into the BLUESTAR II.

Step 4: Pair your phone. The passkey / access code for the BLUESTAR is 0000.

Step 5: Adjust volume if necessary. The BLUESTAR module volume can be adjusted by pressing the RED button to enter 'Volume Adjust' mode. You can then use the White and Blue buttons to adjust the default volume. You will hear beep tones while doing this. Press the Red key to save this setting.

Step 6: Press the white key to initiate voice dialing. More detailed information on advanced features can be found on the website

Enjoy the BlueSTAR and let us know what you think, particularly if you have any installation tips or ideas on how to make this product even better.