BlueStar II 


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Quotes I recieved my blue star module and works well - great product - it took me about 15 to 20 minute to install. Thanks to you guys - this the best solution for replacing on star without paying a fortune for the services that you don't need. Quotes

Quotes In January of 2012 I purchased my first unit for my 2009 Malibu. Within 30 minutes, I had it installed and linked to my Android. My wife like it and asked it for her van. The install in her Buick Terraza took less then 20 minutes and it was up and running for her. I installed it Christmas eve without her knowing and wrapped the empty box for Christmas. Sure enough, the unit was exactly what she wanted. Both our phones are paired to both vehicles. If you don't want to pay for On-Star (and who does), this is exactly what you need to get Bluetooth connection to your cell phone with out any extra fees. Great job! Quotes
Paul from Hamilton, ON

Quotes Under 5 minute install in 2003 Chev pickup, works flawlessly with Iphone Quotes

Quotes GM should give you an option: BlueStar or OnStar. OnStar is expensive and useless if you can't afford it, BlueStar isn't! Quotes
GM Option

Quotes I installed the module as soon as I received it and the instructions were very clear and install was very easy. I tried it and it worked very well. I was very impressed with the unit and the fact that it connects so easily to replace the Onstar module. Quotes

Quotes Got it, installed it in 5 minutes, paired it and used it! Great Product! Thanks for making my blue tooth usable! Quotes

Quotes Installed in a 2008 Sierra Denali. Unit "onstar" was under the radio. Watching the video help. Steering wheel buttons are all working fine. Very satisfied with this great product. Installé dans un 2008 Sierra Denali. L'unité "onstar" était sous le radio. Regardé le vidéo avant d'installer. Tous les boutons sur le volant sont utilisables. Très content de ce produit. Quotes
Denis Quebec

Quotes Ordered my bluestar less than a week ago, arrived today and was amazed to have converted my 2008 enclave into a bluetooth friendly vehicle in a matter of 2 minutes! Love it, could not have asked for a better and easier solution. Quotes
Jason Bowyer
Extremely Pleased

Quotes Wow, unbelievably easy to install, took only 15 minutes. Paired immediately to my iPhone. Works great !!!!!! Thanks Loads. Quotes
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes I got the unit today and it took about 15 minutes to install. It works awesome! Quotes
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